On Repeat | Aspirin – Greysha

Following her debut single ‘Life Goes Fluently’, Greysha has returned with the enticingly elusive ‘Aspirin’. Encouraging listeners to grasp hold of an “inner dark beauty” upon hearing the track, ‘Aspirin’ is a soundtrack of sinister fantacism which sees the Shropshire-based songwriter utilise a more unhinged, enrapturing vocal delivery that compliments the electronic backing excellently.

This is a track that calls back to the darker tones of Portishead, Martina Topley-Bird and Leila, offering a similarly captivating journey into psychological emancipation and recovery of individual autonomy. Despite its shadowy presence, ‘Aspirin’ is a welcoming listen, one to lose yourself in its atmospheric depth and floaty lyricism (“It seems you’re shackled in a daydream / My god says it’s alchemy“). Far-away guitars and creeping percussion lay the framework for the distinctive tones of Greysha’s voice, at times steady, at others reverberating with a thrilling uncertainty that defines the evanescent being of the track.

‘Aspirin’ is a refreshingly haunting electronic trip into the liberated mind, one unafraid of the challenges it may face and tackling them with a new vitality and determination.

Open In Spotify // Greysha’s Wesbite // Greysha‘s Twitter

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