Songs Of The Year | 30-11

The second set of twenty songs of the year, as we get closer to the top ten. Check out the full list so far. (Photo: Sophie Dukoff, Variety)

30. Peach Stone – Indoor Foxes

An extremely satisfying blend of pop and rock with razor-sharp words from the Scottish soloist. One of 2021’s most promising acts.

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29. Physical – Dua Lipa

Big-hitting and punchy, this epitomised the 80s-influenced sound of her album Future Nostalgia.

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28. Mirrors – Rejjie Snow

A delicious blend of discordant synths and hushed groove which has been frequently overlooked.

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27. Blonde – Roger Eno and Brian Eno

‘Blonde’ was a standout moment of Harold Budd-esque softness in their album Mixing Colours, which called back to the sonics of Eno and Budd’s Plateaux of Mirror.

26. Something To Rap About – Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist

Led by carefree sliding guitars, this is an easy and gentle number that is utterly, utterly seductive. Trippy and classy in equal measure.

25. No – Billy Nomates

A stripped-back number of defiance and minimalism from one of 2020’s most acclaimed acts.

Read more about ‘No’ here…

24. pink diamond – Charli XCX

A musical punch in the face. Followed swiftly by a kick. Then another punch, for good measure. The unforgiving opener of her lauded album how i’m feeling now.

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23. How – NewDad

Dream-pop-meets-grunge-meets-early-Cure in this elusively ethereal number. Only NewDad’s second single of the year.

22. yankee and the brave (ep. 4) – Run The Jewels

Percussively devastating and lyrically vital, this opened the excellent RTJ4.

Read more about RTJ4 here…

21. Comet Face – King Krule

Anchored by a creeping and discordant bassline, ‘Comet Face’ was a hit of post-punk hyper-realism.

Read more about Comet Face here…

20. Alpha Venom – Sophie Hunger

Hunger takes no prisoners with this vibrant and elegant synth-led powerhouse.

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19. My Candidacy – Pom Poko

Following their 2019 debut Birthday, ‘My Candidacy’ sees Pom Poko delve into heavier sounds and hectic arrangements.

Read more about Pom Poko here…

18. Living In America – Fontaine’s D.C.

Five power-filled minutes of joy. A showcasing of how to deliver punk simplicity at its most dangerous.

17. The Steps – Haim

A track of acoustic buoyancy and buzz. From their best album yet, Women In Music Pt. III.

16. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold – Document

A daring, chilling composition, layered with merciless guitars and shouted, urgent vocals. A stunning track.

15. Snow Day – Shame

Next year’s album Drunk Tank Pink is looking to be one of the most promising releases for a long time, and ‘Snow Day’ exhibits a greater maturity and depth in the group’s sound wonderfully.

14. Club Cougar – Nadine Shah

The stylish, authoritative opener of Shah’s album Kitchen Sink which sets the tone of defiance and empowerment.

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13. So We Won’t Forget – Khurangbin

Khurangbin struck a perfect note of artistic complexity and accessibility with their album Mordechai, with ‘So We Won’t Forget’ being one of the most-loved tracks of the year.

12. No Flag – Elvis Costello

Costello sounds fresh, invigorated and, most importantly, angry, on the phenomenally destructive ‘No Flag’.

11. come – Adrianne Lenker

An acoustic track of pure delicacy and comfort. A moment of wonder on Lenker’s beautiful album songs.

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