On Repeat | Mountains – Raquel Martins

Photo: Serena

23 year-old Raquel Martins has released ‘Mountains’, the second single form her upcoming Empty Flower EP.

Expertly bringing together the seductive sounds of bossa nova, jazz and soul, ‘Mountains’ ponders on self-acceptance and coming to terms with a darker side to ourselves. It’s an absorbing number, subtly growing through percussive licks, distant horns and an ever-elusive vocal that entices all it encounters.

Martins’ influences are evidently diverse, well-executed and astutely respected and built upon on ‘Mountains’, creating even greater excitement for the upcoming Empty Flower EP, which is released on the 17th February. You can follow Raquel here on Instagram, and listen to ‘Mountains’ below!

By Jamie Bains@jamie_bains

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