On Repeat | With Ease – Sunday Lendis

Sunday Lendis (Photo by Maria Alzamora)

Hailing from Leeds arrives the new release from electronic-jazz-folk musician (yes, that’s all three) Sunday Lendis, with her track “With Ease”.

Though at first glance the fusion of these distinct genres seemingly invites contradiction, ‘With Ease’ demonstrates Lendis’ mastery over each discipline. It’s “electronic-jazz-folk” in ascending order; at its heart a modest ballad that deftly incorporates lolling drums and cooed vocal samples when necessary (a testament to Ed Allen’s attentive production). Lyrically, meanwhile, the track poignantly explores feelings of loss and uncertainty of self in the post-Covid era – a hugely relevant and relatable topic for many which only adds to the quality of the listen.

‘With Ease’ is the first single from Lendis’ upcoming EP Long Exposure, due out in Spring. Listen to it below now, and follow Sunday here on Twitter and Instagram.

By Sidney Franklyn

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