On Repeat | 30/04


Check out some of our favourite new tracks out this week!


A post-punk glory that relies less on in-your-face destruction and more on intricacy and control. The more restrained pace gives you more to admire and indulge in, culminating in a wonderful track from the Manchester-based group.

Twig – Geiste

A song that calls back to the alluring sparsity of Robyn, ‘Twig’ is an extremely rewarding listen. Geiste draws you in with slow-burning development and her elusive vocal performance, giving ‘Twig’ an indefinable presence

Bliss – Lewis Daniel feat. Kersha Bailey

The closing track from Daniel’s new EP States of Being, a collection which masterfully experiments with influences from rap, soul and jazz. ‘Bliss’ enlists vocalist Kersha Bailey for a grooving end to the excellent EP.

Red Room – Hiatus Kayote

A calm and collected number from the Australian group, released in promotion for their upcoming album Mood Valiant, out in June.

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