On Repeat | 16/04

Check out some of our favourite releases from this week below!

Neon Cheap – Methyl Ethel

Commemorating their signing to label Future Classic (SOPHIE, Flume), Methyl Ethel (Jake Webb) has returned with a new single, ‘Neon Cheap’. Accompanied with a colourful and trippy video, there’s similarities to St. Vincent and MGMT in a song that depicts the on-screen world on our phones coming to vivid, mesmerising life. A perfect tune for the sunny weather.

Meet Me – Lohrd Snohw

An ethereal piece that calls back to the sounds of The Hics and Kelly Lee Owens, executed with an astute sparsity and attention to detail. The riff is quaint and gentle, while Snowh’s vocals provide an extra hit of elusive presence to the wider soundscape.

Overtime – DijahSB

With touches of funk and dance, DijahSB’s ‘Overtime’ is a real mover with an equally captivating video which chronicles a joyous escape from the nine-to-five life. The new video for the track comes in advance of their upcoming album Head Above The Waters, out next Friday.

Where is the Time? – My Name is Ian feat. HMS Morris

A fuzzy electronic piece featuring HMS Morris, ‘Where is the Time?’ is a gently grooving track that holds heavy tones with moments of subtle release. The synth layers are omnipresent in a track that grabs you and refuses to let you go.

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