On Repeat | 09/04

India Jordan – Photo: Oliver Vanes

We’re back from our break and ready to showcase some of our favourite tracks released in the last week! Listen and discover below…

Only Said Enough – India Jordan

Following on from the exuberance of preceding single ‘And Groove’, India Jordan continues to dig deeper into heavy beats and ’90s influenced textures in ‘Only Said Enough’. The beat that kicks off the track is industrial and brash before flowering into an infectious dancefloor romp. If ever there was a track to make you yearn for the live scene, this may be it.

Retirement Paradise – Gillie

The titular track of her EP released today, Gillie’s sound can best be described as combining the alluring harmony and dreaminess of Warpaint with the rhythms of Crumb. ‘Retirement Paradise’ is the most expansive of the four-track EP, which also dabbles in stripped-back acoustics and more direct pop-oriented tones.

We’ll Skate Soon – Yaya Bey

A track from her new EP The Things I Can’t Take With Me, ‘We’ll Skate Soon’ is a quaint, ambient number that diffuses gently and wondrously. Her EP will be reviewed later this weekend on TCOS, so keep your eyes peeled for our take on it!

Nebula – Uma

Cross Record meets Actress meets early Everything But The Girl in ‘Nebula’, a restrained electronic-bossanova track that appears on her new EP The Moth and The Dove. Containing appearances from Lucy Lu, the EP is what Uma describes as an exploration of the “fluidity of genres and sounds”. This is an EP for the eclectic listener.

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