Five Albums That Made Me | Bored At My Grandma’s House

‘Five Albums That Made Me’ is a weekly series written by TCOS’ favourite artists discussing five albums that have shaped their sound, musical outlook and career. There’s no limit on genre or passion – just a firsthand insight into the artists’ influences. This week we’re joined by Leeds-based singer-songwriter Amber Strawbridge, better known as Bored At My Grandma’s House. This year saw the release of her debut EP ‘Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too’, a blending of shoegaze and Sundays-esque dream-rock that received widespread acclaim. Listen to the EP’s titular track below while you read…

My Love Is Cool – Wolf Alice

I listened to this album a LOT when it came out and I guess it was the first time that I started to get interested in guitar pedals and effects. It was also around the time when I bought my first electric (Fender Telecaster) and I think the first thing I did with that guitar was learn the songs off this album!

That’s probably influenced my guitar style a lot. I just really love the melodies and how each part fits together so perfectly. Also, I just really love Wolf Alice – they seem like people who I’d wanna go for a pint with.

A Different Kind of Fix – Bombay Bicycle Club

This is quite nostalgic for me as I always used to listen to it in the car with my family. My big brother was super into BBC and I guess that’s why I fell in love with them too. Their melodies and riffs and everything are just really nice and kind to the ears!

I also really love the production of it and the harmonies are lush. Every time I listen to this album I feel like its a summer day sat in the park with some tins and with that comes a feeling of peace and tranquility, like a sense of hope that the world will be normal again soon! 

I Forget Where We Were – Ben Howard

I will always be in love with this album. Something about Ben Howards songwriting makes me want to cry, yet also at the same time makes me feel like I’m listening to a really interesting audiobook.

Whenever I listen each song has my full attention and I feel so at peace listening to it, I often use it to get to sleep because I feel so comfortable with it. It’s just so raw and I love that, I really appreciate authenticity and I think that’s what it is at it’s core. It’s also the first thing that I learnt on guitar which is strange as I don’t think my music is similar!

Any Human Friend – Marika Hackman

I really love Marika Hackman’s songwriting and I really relate to a lot of her songs. I feel like she’s super vulnerable with her writing which I love, and think it’s cool that she touches a lot on like human connection and trying to understand your connection with other people around you. I think that’s what I explore a lot in my own songwriting. too.

Also, the songs are fucking sick.

Peripheral Vision – Turnover

I just love, love, love the guitar in this album and I think it shaped a lot of my guitar playing, it’s super melodic and sits perfectly alongside the vocal melody. Also it’s super, super dreamy and makes me feel like I’m running through trees in the summer – it’s like serotonin in the form of music.

I like how each element is super simplistic but when each part is brought together it sounds massive, and that’s something I try and remind myself when making my stuff: simplicity is key and sometimes better than complexity. 


Thanks so much to Amber for taking part! Check out her EP on Spotify here.

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