On Repeat | 19/03

Regressive Left: Luis Kramer

On Repeat is TCOS’ weekly feature devoted to showcasing the best new music from upcoming artists. Where only one artist was previewed in previous series, we will now feature five songs every week to provide an in-depth insight into the music making us move.

If you are an artist or PR with music to submit, get in touch via submissionstcos@outlook.com.

Cimmerian – Slap Rash

Slap Rash’s third single continues the raucous force of their previous releases, neatly contrasted with elusively deadpan vocal delivery from lead singer Amelia Lloyd. The craftwork of Huw Lloyd provides palpable force behind ‘Cimmerian’, which certainly isn’t one for the faint-hearted.

Altitude – Saint Jude

A dreamy number that holds an affinity to the sounds of King Krule and Four Tet, ‘Altitude’ is a beautiful track reminiscing on the challenges of isolation. The standout feature of the track is the softly insistent percussion alongside Saint Jude’s more illusory lyrical contributions.

Take The Hit – Regressive Left

A post-punk mover that has touches of Gang of Four, PiL and Leftfield to form a grabbing, funky track of immense quality. You can’t help but feel that ‘Take The Hit’ will be electric in a live setting, and we’re longing for when it can be witnessed in full force.

Sleeveless – Luwten

Yet another track of delicacy and ease from the Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter. Led by a muted guitar line and Luwten’s infectious serenade, ‘Sleeveless’ is fit for any social setting or emotion. A track of total depth and versatility.

Karma – Sarah Kinsley

A nice hit of mellow pop which works in sounds of the 80s with a modern twist. Kinsley’s voice recalls a similar presence to Stevie Nicks, an authoritative yet welcoming tone that proves irresistible after repeated listens.

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