On Repeat | Help Me – Danielle Lewis

A track of graceful elegance that calls back to the shimmering tones of Weyes Blood, Danielle Lewis’ ‘Help Me’ is a gentle, breezy tune that offers both melancholic reflection and subtle release. Lewis describes the track as “a reminder of the importance of self love that ultimately starts from within” that stemmed from a period of recollection after touring around the UK, and is undoubtedly fit for those with a weary or anxious mind.

Laced with acoustic guitar, soft pianos and restrained percussion, ‘Help Me’ is an easy listen that’s spearheaded by Lewis’ vocals, warmly inviting you to enter into her world. The single follows on from her 2019 breakout single ‘A Woman Like You’, which has garnered over 350,000 streams on Spotify, and a host of other singles from last year that continue Lewis’ delving into irresistibly harmonious realms of expression.

‘Help Me’ is an illustrious composition, blending into any occasion through its soft atmosphere and wondrously captivating hold. Listen and check out Danielle’s social accounts below!

Listen on Spotify / Danielle Website / Danielle’s Twitter

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