On Repeat | Slash and Burn – GHLOW


It seems that the blossoming punk renaissance of 2021, while led by the likes of British acts Shame and Goat Girl, has found itself an alternative home – Scandinavia. Viagra Boys and Pom Poko were sharpest out of the blocks with their albums Welfare Jazz and Cheater, and they are now being joined by an altogether more oppressively omnipresent outfit – GHLOW.

Made up of Stockholm-based Swedish-Russian duo Emille de Blanche and Nikolay Evdokimov, GHLOW bring a seismic force to their contemporaries which is impossible to ignore. ‘Slash and Burn’, the title track from their upcoming album released 2nd April, is a relentless number led by a machine-gun-like riff and intense synths. There’s a restless insistence to ‘Slash and Burn’, similar to the destructive being of The Birthday Party and the elusive electronics of Portishead.

This is their third single following the equally powerful ‘Not Fit For This’ and ‘Hold On’. All three welcome a carelessly brash hedonism, a contagious energy that you can’t help but fall into and join in with.

Listen to ‘Slash and Burn’ below!

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