Welcome to The Colour of Spring

The Colour of Spring is a new music website bringing together the best sounds and ideas for you to read, hear and love. Named after an album by the legendary band Talk Talk, TCOS will be uninhibited by genre and geography in the search for the finest music, past and present.

Currently on the site is content written by founder Jamie Bains, but we are opening up to contributions from new, enthusiastic and passionate music lovers and writers. Be it your first ever piece of music journalism or another way to grow your portfolio, all are invited to write for TCOS. If you are interested, email us at writefortcos@outlook.com.

For artists, managers and PRs, submissions are now open and we are eager to hear what you have. TCOS aims to be as diverse a site as possible, so all musical styles are welcome. Email us at submissionstcos@outlook.com, or feel free to add us to your mailing list.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for new content soon…

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