On Repeat | Hey Man – Nature TV

With touches of Mac Demarco and Mild High Club, self-acclaimed ‘door-to-door heartbreak salesmen’ Nature TV’s new single ‘Hey Man’ is a truly nourishing listen. Though undertones of romantic uncertainty ruminate through the grooves (“And I don’t want no one else to say / Hey man, you’re going the wrong way“), this is a sparkling number to immerse yourself in. The pace is restrained, vocals heartfelt and the overall atmosphere a dreamy, fantastical withdrawal.

‘Hey Man’ sees Nature TV delve into the turmoil of infatuation with hopeful innocence while carrying a sense of unsettling realism, that perhaps things aren’t all as they seem. The welcoming, comforting accompaniment alongside the contrastingly anxious and emotionally exhausted lyricism showcases this atmosphere of hesitancy excellently, pulling you into a world of tender idealism and unease.

‘Hey Man’ is a truly affecting song, one of shameless openness and reluctant pessimism that articulates fears we have all encountered with sincerity and familiarity. Listen below!

Open In Spotify // Nature TV Website

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