On Repeat | Dinosaur Plant / The Spider EP – Grooblen

Quaint, tender acoustics lead the way Grooblen’s (Ellie Stokes) beautiful new EP Dinosaur Plant/The Spider. A floaty folk journey, Stokes poignantly explores the emotional and physical toll of adaptating to living with an optic nerve disease diagnosed last year.

Though the subject matter is stark, within the EP are sounds that provide both melancholic honesty and a mellow release. The arrangements are sparse, existing only of Stokes, her guitar and warm background ambience, emanating an atmosphere similar to the likes of Weyes Blood and Linda Perhacs. ‘Dinosaur Plant’ is certainly the more ominous of the two, slow-dancing through an eerie chord sequence with an unsettling yet utterly spellbinding hold. ‘The Spider’, meanwhile, is a song of blissful simplicity, one that, though grounded in the complexities of Stokes’ diagnosis, takes you to an unspeakably dreamy state of separation. Her voice is gentle, the accompaniment soft, and the overall result a transcendent piece of acoustic wonder.

Dinosaur Plant / The Spider is a generous offering of cathartic sanctuary that grows more and more affecting with every visit. Listen below!

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