On Repeat | Received Life – Comfort

Glaswegian sibling duo Comfort dive deeper into the confrontational and abrasive tones that defined their 2019 album Not Passing with their new single ‘Received Life’. A track that takes the brutalist sounds of industrial punk and fiercely rips them apart, it leaves in its wake an eerie clattering of synth, unchanging percussion and the wonderfully manic vocals of Natalie McGhee.

While Not Passing focused on topics such as gender identity and societal acceptance, ‘Received Life’ takes a broader look at the ever-declining social backdrop of the U.K. with volatility and a yearning hunger for progress. The track grooves in its murkiness and demented nature as it pulls you into an ugly trip to the underbelly of British political and social decay. Anarchy takes hold later on, as the drums lose their insistence and impetuous electronics are littered across the shamelessly disjointed arrangement, concluding with a deceptively ambient ascendancy.

This is bleak realism at its most violent, sparse and unforgiving, calling back to the likes of Public Image Ltd. and Throbbing Gristle in an aural assault that becomes unexplainably addictive after multiple listens. A band to keep an eye on this year. Listen below.

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