On Repeat | Call Me Deadly – Lohrd Snohw / Kate Brunotts

Electronica has seen a glorious renaissance in recent years that has opened up thousands of music fans to older influences, current trends and future possibilities. Notable, however, is the spearheading of this movement by female acts. Evidenced by artistic progressions of formerly-guitar led artists such as Warpaint and St. Vincent and the ever-braver experimentation of Charli XCX, women are steering the sonic ship to unheard sounds of authority and strength.

‘Call Me Deadly’ sees Lohrd Snohw and Kate Brunotts stake their dynamic claim as two of the most exciting prospects in the new electronic wave. Described by Brunotts as a battle to “break through boxes people put you in”, the track delves into the intimacies of self-emancipation with luminous radiance. Snohw interrogates the subject “Do you find me egocentric?” before illustrating the “Choking envy” held by those who seek to dismiss the differentiating efforts of others with graceful delivery. This stands ahead of an equally transcendent, shining backdrop that flourishes with urgent percussive direction and dreamy synth.

A trans-Atlantic project of divine proportions which “grew across time zones and Whatsapp”, ‘Call Me Deadly’ illustrates the power of the self, the vitality of musical collaboration, and, above all, the undeniable talents of Snohw and Brunotts. This is an addictive number that hooks you in through its magnificent presence, and is outright proof that the future of electronica is in utterly safe hands.

Open In Spotify // https://linktr.ee/LohrdSnohw // https://linktr.ee/katebrunotts //

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