New Release Round-Up | 04/01

This is a new fortnightly feature giving you the best new music and informing you of upcoming releases from the finest artists, big or small. This edition will cover the albums and singles you may have missed in the run-up to and hangover of Christmas, and what to look out for in the coming weeks.

bm xmas covers – black midi [single]

Christmas songs often trudge through the seasonal revolving door with dire predictability and blandness. However, black midi bring total absurdity to Christmas cheer with bm xmas covers. Their rendition of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ is a keyboard-laden mess, but an utterly rewarding listen simply for its carelessness. All proceeds from the two tracks are going towards the effort to support Windmill Brixton, perhaps the best venue in the UK. Chip in.

Released 18th December // Best Track: Both of them


Brass – Moor Mother and Billy Woods [Album]

Brass combines the sharp words of rapper Billy Woods with the arresting electronics of Moor Mother to achieve an album that possesses an oppressive hold on the listener. These are intense, vital sounds which evoke the power of Death Grips but stripped back, exposing a more chilling sonic adventure.

Released 24th December // Best Track: Rapunzal // Open in Spotify


Parallel – Four Tet [Album]

Released only hours after announcement on Christmas Day, Parallel, which came out along side sister album 871, is a gently grooving collection that signs off a prolific year for the DJ. There lies a vast offering in the ten tracks, traversing through atmospheres of experimentation, ambience and urgency.

Released 25th December // Best Track: Parallel 2 // Open in Spotify


Rinascita – Jacquie [EP]

A catchy selection of tunes from Jacquie (formerly known as Jacquie Lee). There’s touches of trap and dream-pop that ruminate through the grooves to provide earworm after earworm. Pop at its most subtle and intimate that shines in its assured delivery.

Released 30th December // Best Track: Consistent // Open in Spotify


Bob’s Son – R.A.P. Ferriera and Scallops Hotel [Album]

An excellent new album for the not-so excellent new year from R.A.P Ferreira. The beats are infectious and delve into trippier realms of being compared to his 2020 album Purple Moonlight Pages, with abnormal pianos and lethargic synths painting a picture of much-needed tranquility.

Released 1st January // Best Track: yamships, flaxseed // Open in Spotify


Upcoming Releases

  • Synth-heavy Viagra Boys release Welfare Jazz on the 8th.
  • Norwegian punk outfit Pom Poko release their second album Cheater on the 12th. Check out single ‘My Candidacy‘ for a taste of their anarchic sounds.
  • Also releasing their second album are Shame, with the much-anticipated Drunk Tank Pink coming out on the 15th. Third single ‘Snow Day’ was the blog’s 15th favourite song of 2020.
  • Sleaford Mods follow suit, releasing new album Spare Ribs on the same day. Their track with Billy Nomates ‘Mork n Mindy‘ was voted the best song of 2020 by Quietus readers. Worth a look.

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