On Repeat | Ennui / Abandoned – Kit Sebastian

Following on from their enticing debut album Mantra Moderne last year, Kit Sebastian have returned with two even more alluring tracks, ‘Ennui’ and ‘Abandoned’. Hosting influences from a multitude of styles and cultures, these new tracks further display the duo’s capabilities in reinventing themselves and differentiating themselves from the crowd.

‘Ennui’ is a brooding tale of late night flirtations and desire led by the luxurious vocals of Merve Erdem, while ‘Abandoned’ is a more intriguing number. The grooves are sophisticated, manoeuvring the composition delicately forward amongst the track’s defining two note riff.

These songs are irresistibly charming explorations that musically and lyrically captivate, leaving you eager to hear more of what they have to offer come 2021.

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