Review | In Blue With You EP – Byfyn

In the modern era of mass musical production, artists are fighting more and more to establish their difference from the crowd, a sense of individualism amongst the constant bubbling of new cultures and evolving genres.

Emerging from the plethora of synth-driven pop are the transcendent tones of Byfyn (Ellie Isherwood) and her new EP In Blue With You. A tale of nostalgic sounds and poetic introspection, In Blue With You channels classic pop and ethereal ambience to illustrate an energy of powerful renewal.

‘What’s Stopping You’ is a daring composition that confronts the senses head on, with the titular refrain recalling the authoritative vocals of Alice Glass. ‘I Love Me Too’ is a delicious and endearing slice of dream pop, yet the empowering mood of the EP is best epitomised by the excellent opening track and lead single ‘Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely’.

It’s a track of subtle intensity in the verses, complimented by a chorus that flourishes in elegance without overpowering the listener. The effervescent mood of the song is suitably characterised by Isherwood’s proclamation that “All we can do is dance“, a simple but stirring promise that ‘Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely’, along with the whole EP, provides a perfect soundtrack for.

In Blue With You EP is available on all streaming sites. Photo: Olivia Lifingula

  1. Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely (3:25)
  2. I’m Getting Better (3:25)
  3. What’s Stopping You (2:30)
  4. I Love Me Too (3:18)

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